Problems encountered with Server

As per my other post, I have one DT library that I’m trying to share on a local network with other users who will do a keyword search of the library, then label, tag, and put comments on the search results.

I face these issues:

  1. We cannot see any custom meta data in the info pane - there is a ‘generic’ and ‘custom’ tab in the info pane on Server like in DTPro, but the ‘custom’ tab doesn’t contain the ‘notes’ metadata field that I’ve created in DT.

  2. It’s really limiting that the search results layout doesn’t have the same header field options as as if I select a smart group in the left. E.g. search results have ‘flag, score, name, modified, kind, size’ but lack the customisable options to add ratings, labels, tags etc… so that someone can see if a document has already been processed and commented on.

  3. The header fields aren’t resizeable. E.g. Name field is very wide, so we cannot see any tag information.

  4. There are no custom header fields like in DTPro e.g. we can’t see ‘comments’ or any ‘custom header fields’ from meta tags, that we can in DTPro

  5. There doesn’t appear to be any way to create formatted note that is linked to a PDF document in the library. E.g. if we want someone to review a document and write a translation - they can add a new note in the inbox, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to create a permanent link between the note and the document. Is this possible?

  6. Tags don’t autocomplete on server, so there is a big issue of multiple new tags being created with misspelt words etc…

I realise that you haven’t designed DT around my specific needs! But I hope this helps share the types of case that DTPro Server can be used for, but it is proving quite limiting at the moment. Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback.

1, 4 & 6 - Custom meta data and tag completions are on our future feature list.
2 - I will add this to our requested feature list for a future update
3 - This is a limitation of the table component of the UI library, it adjusts column widths to accommodate the largest entry in the column.
5. There isn’t currently a way to copy and paste an item link however I will look into whether we can add this for the next update

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Thank you so much for your feedback - it’s such a great product and so useful for our work. We appreciate you considering these for future updates.