Problems importing Excel into a sheet

I’m trying to import an Excel sheet as a sheet. Oddly, it insists on naming the individual records according to the FOURTH column in the sheet, rather than the first, which is what I want.

I’ve saved the Excel sheet as a CSV file.

Last Name,First Name,Department,Title,Primary Office,PO Box No,Phone,Secondary Office,Secondary Phone,Email Address

Abdel-khalik,A. Rashad,ACCY,“Professor & Director, CIERA”,320C WH,84 WH,5-0539,

I’d prefer that the sheet be called “Abdel-khalik”, my colleagues last name. But, it is being called “Professor & Director, CIERA”. Tried all sorts of things and can’t get it to change.

Any hints.


That sounds odd indeed. As a temporary workaround: What happens if you insert three empty columns before the first?
This would merely be a workaround, but maybe it helps bridge the time until someone comes up with a real solution.


You can change the name of a sheet in the Info pane.

And you can edit the names of each column header to whatever you wish.

Select Data > Sheets > Edit Columns.

Actually it should work that way - could you send me a small sample file? Thank you!

EDIT: Found the problem - DEVONthink is trying to be too intelligent and using the “Title” column to name the records.

That was exactly the problem. When I changed “Title” to “Position” it worked perfectly. Thanks!