Problems viewing (some) PDF files on DTTG

Since the most recent DTTG update, I’ve been experiencing a problem where some PDFs I’ve downloaded from an academic database (HeinOnline) are not viewable within DTTG. I’m able to view the same PDFs on DEVONthink on my Mac, and am able to view them in PDF Expert if I drag the file (on my iPad) from DTTG into PDF Expert.

I’ve previously been able to view (and have annotated) these same PDFs in DTTG, and the error doesn’t affect all of my PDFs – it seems to be affecting only PDFs of older documents that HeinOnline added by scanning, rather than more recent documents for which PDFs were generated directly from the electronic source. Even as to older documents, the problem doesn’t exist with all documents, and for the documents where it applies, I’m still able to see the pages of the PDFs, but they appear blank (with highlighting showing on pages where I’d previously made annotations).

I’m curious whether others are experiencing the same problem, and whether there are any suggested fixes.

It’s impossible to say without looking at your particular PDFs. All PDFs are not created equal. :slight_smile:

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.
Please attach a problematic PDF to the ticket. Thanks.

Done. Thanks for the quick reply.

No problem.