Problems with 3rd connection to Dropbox sync store

A few months ago I bought a copy of DTTG, installed it on my iPad and connected easily to a Dropbox sync store. Syncing works well between one DTPro database on my Mac and DTTG on the iPad. No problems.

Yesterday, I installed DTTG on my iPhone, but was unable to sync. I believe I followed the procedures correctly. I was logged in to my Dropbox account from my iPhone, and I entered the name of the syncstore exactly as it appears in my Mac DTPro preferences and saved. I have not used an encryption code. Dropbox asked my agreement to let DTTG access the sync store and I agreed. Then nothing. After fiddling in circles for a few hours, I deleted my copy of DTTG, and tried the whole thing over again. Still nothing.

My questions:

Do I have to buy another copy of DTTG for my iPhone?

When I go to my syncstore on Dropbox, how can I tell from that end if my iPhone is connected or not?

Your instructions read:
“Visit the location and switch on all databases you want to keep in sync….”
What precisely does this mean? What location are you talking about and how do I visit it. From where do I visit it.? From my iPhone or from my Mac?

I have an old iPhone 5c running iOS 10.3.3 with 5.6 GB available space. I have a fast fibre internet connection, with reasonably fast wifi. I live in France. Should this old iPhone have any problems running DTTG?

What suggestions can you give me?

I don’t expect to use DTTG heavily from my iPhone, but thought it would be convenient to send a few brief notes and some photos directly to my database. If this continues to be a problem I may give up on the iPhone connection.

“Visit the location” means open that sync store’s settings in DEVONthink to Go’s Settings and turn on (click the box) for any databases in that sync store the you want to sync.

I sync an iPhone and two iPads to the same sync store, similar to what you want to do, and I have no issues. Check your configuration.

You need to have the Dropbox mobile app installed for authentication. Do you?

Thanks very much, korm. Something as simple and obvious as tapping the box is what I neglected to do. It’s loading my data base now, and I don’t expect more problems.

And thank you, Frog. I did have the Dropbox app installed and open