Problems with Automator Workflow Folder Action

I am having a problem with an Automator workflow that I’ve saved as a Folder Action and have attached to a particular folder for which I would like any document added to that folder that is not already in a specified DT database to then be imported imported into that database and placed into a particular Group.

Please see the screenshot linked below to view the steps of my Automator workflow, and please advise as to why its not working for me? Thanks! … cf70a7.png

The “Filter Records” action in this case will only work if you index your documents in a folder outside of the database. If you have imported these documents in a group inside the database and the new documents are outside of it, it won’t work. (I realise that this is inconvenient and I hope to improve this in the future.)

The best thing to do is to redesign your workflow so that once the documents are imported in the database, you move the originals either to the Trash or a different location. That way the folder will always be empty and the contents can always be imported.