Problems with bookmarklets

I like the bookmarklets to save a webpage or some text as pdf, html etc. very much.(DTPO b6)

But two things still bother me a bit:

  1. The clip-bookmarklet is a bit too slow.
    After pressing this bookmarklet it appears just after 3 seconds. But it disappears immediatley. Anyone else with this “problem”? Would it appear as fast as it disappears, than I think I would use it more often.

  2. I still have the problem, that after using a bookmarklet (e.g. to save as pdf) Safari doesn’t get back to the “active” grey frame of an active window. I have to click into the browser. I wrote “still”, because my browser shows this behaviour since I installed the bookmarklets some month/betas ago.

Any solutions?

The bookmarklet inserts its code (like Münchhausen and his boot trap) into the running web page. If this is done without this artificial (!) delay, it does not work. In addition, when you press the bookmarklet button, it actually loads more code from the web which needs download time. The bookmarklet itself is only a boot trap loader (you cannot squeeze more code into a URL address line :slight_smile:)

This is not easily solved because the bookmarklet cannot switch applications. It’s just JavaScript. We’ll see if we can do something smarter directly from DEVONthink.

Hi Eric,

thanks for the fast reply. (sorry for my bad writing).

The clip I actually like, because it looks very nice and he features are also nice, but the delay … I will see.

And the “active” window behaviour: Is this a problem every user has or only some? It’s not so bad, but it would be nicer, if the windows go back to the active mode.