Problems with change download file options and viewing pane

Hello there,

I can’t change the selection for downloaded files, whether always downloaded, or on demand. I can choose the option when I create the database. But later on, if I want to change, the two options turned ‘grey’, so not allow for making selection again. Anyone experience the same problems?

When I switch between folders or database, but the viewing pane (right hand right) doesn’t change correspondently. Why is that? It is is inconvenient… or I did something wrong?

Pls help.

Did you set the sync location to Download Files: Always?

The preview pane will only show the last viewed document or the Grid View (shown when you touch the number of items to the right of the name).

Yes… some database I set at always. There is one I changed to on demand. But then, when i want to change . I can’t. Any suggestion what to do?

If the sync location is set to Download Files: Always, you can’t change the database’s setting to On demand.

If you want to set a database to On Demand, you must set the sync location to On demand as well.

Also, if you are using multiple sync locations with one database, they locations should be set to the same value. Otherwise, you’d have conflicting states for the same database if one sync location is saying to download on demand and the other is saying to download files always.