Problems with Cloudkit Sync

Hi All,

Devonthink has suddenly started kicking up huge numbers of errors all in the format File “blah.blah.manifest” missing of database “Database”. This started yesterday morning. I can’t identify any change to the set-up. I sync between 2 Macs using cloudkit, also an iPhone and an iPad.

I have tried cleaning the sync store as suggested in previous similar reports on this forum. This morning I see that the errors continue.

And iCloud is reported to again have problems.

We have the same problem since many month using WebDav sync. Even setting up an entirely new database (exporting all files from the old one and importing into a new empty db) was not successful. Our IT consultant told me, DT support was not able to solve this…

Did your IT consultant contact Apple to help resolve? What was the result?

Welcome @mroesch

What is the ticket number opened by your consultant?

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