Problems with corrupted database

One of my databases seems to be corrupted. I can open it fine with an archived version of DT Pro Office 1.5.4. It is all fine. When I “verify” it there are no error messages. When I try to “backup and optimize” it says that there are errors and it can’t optimize. If I try and open it with DT Pro 2 it can’t convert it to the new format. I tried a backup version and the same problem. I tried to rebuild the DB and it seemed to be fine, but again when I tried to “backup and optimize” it got messed up with a lot of checksum errors. Any suggestions? I am not running the two versions of DT at the same time, nor have I ever done that.

I think that I fixed the problem by using the solution suggested here:, i.e. copying a “backup” folder and then copying the files. I verified, backed up and optimized and there were no problems. Go figure.