Problems with devonnote services

I’m not happy with stickybrain. I don’t need something like devonthink, but devonnote sounds perfect. I mainly need a way to get info saved quickly, and so far I’m very impressed with devonnote.

However, either I’m confused, which happens often, or something isn’t right. I have devonnote running. I click on the dock icon and hold until I get “new plain text…” and I click it. I thought a new note would pop up that allows me to write down whatever I like. Instead nothing pops up. A new note is created, and only seen, if I open devonnote. That makes using the dock icon worthless. I might as well open devonnote and create a note from there.

Am I missing something? Thanks.

No, you aren’t missing anything. DEVONnote is behaving properly. But DN documents don’t float above other application windows, as you perhaps expected.

I use Exposé (Command-Tab) to switch rapidly between applications.

Note that if you are working in another application, you can select text, copy it to the clipboard, hold down the DN Dock icon and choose New With Clipboard to save information to DN without leaving the application in which you are working.

Oh, ok. Thanks for the quick reply. I was looking for something like stickybrain where you can create a note from anywhere without opening the program. Guess you can’t have everything, but devonthink is close.

I guess I can get tiger and use the new note widget instead.


There is a way to clip a note in DevonNote without leaving the other app, but you have to set it up once. I believe I learned how to do it from some generous person in this very forum who posted the procedure:

First, download the Service Manager (from Blacktree) preference pane and install it. Then, go to system preferences; it will appear at the bottom in “Other.” Click it, and you can assign a keystroke to any item in the Services menu. I assigned command-\ to “Take Rich Note” in the DevonNote Services menu. Now, when I see text I need to clip to Devon, I just select it (in Safari, Mail, or whatever), then hit command-\ and presto! Instant rich text note in DevonNote.

The only problem (besides the fact that you have to go the hassle of downloading Service Manager rather than the option being included in DN itself) is that each new clipped note automatically appears in the bottom of the DevonNote window. Several of us have asked here on the forums that an option be added so that (if you enable the option in preferences), when you Take Rich Note or Take Plain Text Note in the Services menu, whether via menu or keyboard command, a dialogue box would open up, allowing you to save that note directly to whatever Devon folder you wanted. That would save me the trouble of periodically having to individually drag and drop each new note in the proper folder, one by one. So far, the developers have not seen fit to add this option, but it would speed things up considerably for frequent text clippers like me.