Problems with DT Office 2.3/OSX 10.7/Canoscan 8800F

Has somebody this setup running successfully?
I got the latest drivers and updates installed but I can’t get a preview when I scan with DT. Both Canon’s Navigator and Apples Digital Pictures show a preview where I can adjust the area I actual want to scan so it shouldn’t be a general problem of the scanner driver. When I ignore the missing preview DTO scans the hole scanning area so every little reciepe produces an impressive oversized pdf. Beside that I there are stability issues while saving the scanned and ocr’ed document. DTO freezes and needs a forced quit.

The preview used to work under OS 10.6, problems startet with 10.7 both with DTO 2.2 and 2.3. (I know: never touch a running… :frowning: )

Is there some trick or do I have to go back to OS 10.6 again?

Thanks a lot!

There seems to be no happy end with Devonthink and the 8800F under MacOS 10.7.
I downgraded to 10.6.