Problems with DTTG on iPad Pro 12.9

Hi. I am running the latest versions of the iOS and the DT software to start. I am noticing in one database on the iPad that the contents do not appear in the side bar, yet when I search for an item I can usually find it. That is it appears in the search results list indicating that other items are present as well. I have attached a picture. I am noticing also that the database on the iPad keeps syncing.

I have re-started both the software and the device. No luck

What kind of sync is this and is it a newly imported database?

If it’s still syncing, it’s quite possible you are seeing the results of an interrupted sync, i.e., metadata the folder exists is available but not the files.

the database is not new. I have used it with success in the past. Seemingly at random now I can’t see any items in this database. Other databases on the iPad are working as expected. So whatever the problem, it appears isolated to this particular database. The sync just keeps flashing downloading items for iCloud but with no errors that I can see.