Problems with e-mail import from Entourage

Hi Folks,

I upgraded yesterday from DTP to DTPO for one reason. I need the better e-mail import feature.

And now after some tests I have Problems with the german “Umlaute” sometimes. Especially with send items from my Entourage.

Content-type: text/plain;
Content-transfer-encoding: quoted-printable

Hallo Frau XXXXXX,

auf Seite 12 unserer Pr=E4sentation hat sich ein kleiner Fehlerteufel
Falsch =3D SQL Server 2003
Richtig =3D SQL Server 2005

K=F6nnen Sie das bitte in der Original Pr=E4sentation noch =E4ndern?

I tried many configurations with the e-mail preferences in DTPO. No Luck. Before I spend hours and hours with try and error, maybe another german user has some hints for me.

Thanks in advance!

Please send a sample email message that is giving you troubles to using the following procedure:

  1. Drag the message from Entourage to the Desktop
  2. Compress the message in the Finder
  3. Email the zipped document to the address above

Thank you!


you have mail.


I haven’t received it yet…

Hi guys,

sorry, no hints… I just wanted to let you know I’m experiencing the same thing you described with e-mail imports from Entourage’s Sent Items folder. I hope someone knows how to fix this.


Based on the example sent to me by email, I couldn’t reproduce the problem on my machine.

I have still the problems after double check all preferences.

My suspicion is maybe the version 2008 of Entourage. Annard has tried my sample with version 2004.

So I have send 3 more examples to Annard. Maybe he can reproduce the format problem.


I have similar problems with the importation of Entourage to DTP, in that I mostly use French in my emails, with many different accents and punctuations.

In the importation of certain emails there appears to be no probleme, however for many others the resulting text, is mixed with a wide range of various characters that make the email “readless”.

I am unable to understand why, I have not been able to find any suggestions in the forum (nor in the French one).

Can you help please me please ? I have version 2004 of entourage, and v10.5.5 OS X.

Best regards

The problem stems most probably from having received emails created by Outlook, it uses raw 8 bit encoding without specifying what encoding it used and that may cause a problem with the AppleScript interface. Currently the only way around it is to drag the mailbox from Entourage to the Desktop and from there drag it to DEVONthink. That will open the Mail Import window and since it reads the messages from a file, no encoding issues will occur. Make sure to set up the fallback encoding (in our Email preference pane) to the one appropriate for your language. For French it should be set to ISO Latin-1.


your workaround is not working for me.

First Mailbox I dropped to Devonthink the mail import windows was coming, but nothing happens. No way to import the mails in the box.

Second Mailbox an error occurs:

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.


Please contact support@devon…
In the protocol is shown “unknown format”.

Any other hints?


Thanks for the rapid answer, I have managed to get it to work for single emails (or by selecting several emails at a time).
However, I’m not able to make it work if I select the complete structure of my emails; after dragging the structure to the desktop, the file is saved as mbox.
Dragging the mbox file into the database comes up with a error message, saying file not recognised.
If my understanding is correct I can only import the individual emails ?
Thanks again

You’ll have to drag it either on the application icon or in the Mail Import window open a Unix Mailbox source. And in the first case were you saw no messages that was because you imported those already, so you have to remove them from your database first (in the filter you can allow previously imported messages to be displayed and then you’ll see them).