Problems with editing files in DT

If you edit a file imported into DT, the original file will become a thing of the past and will lose value. Is it okay to use DT as the main software instead of the finder to solve this problem? If I want to stop using DT, can I return the exported file to the finder?

A) You can “index” instead of import it and all modifications will be done in the original file, but be aware this is only possible for local files (no cloud ones).

B) DT does not modify the file in any manner than your own editions. In fact, the file is located in a folder inside DT database and you can drop it outside whenever you want.

You can index iCloud folders/files and edit them as if they were inside the database - in my experience.

Yes, I did that way… until I had a lot of problems with duplicate files and not-well synchronized files across my Macs/iOS (in both sided, iCloud Drive and DT3 itself).

And surely, at the moment iCloud Drive start to replace your real files will placeholders, you will start having problems with DT3.

I’m two weeks with this scenario, that is valid for Windows as well. I have a Samsung T5 (2TB disk, exFat). All my indexed stuff is in that disk and I move it across my 3 Macs. No duplicates. No any other issue except when I forget to connect the disk that DT3 tells me to mount it.

At windows side I’m using DocFetcher with portable installation over same files. It is not the same as DT3 (too far to be DT3, really) but at least I can do searches.