problems with formatted notes format

Hi there
I have inadvertently set my note preferences in the sorter to Formatted notes. Some of them are opening fine but some are just showing a blank sheet icon and no info. They will open in text edit but they have a lot of html-like stuff around them. What can i do to turn them into ordinary notes again? Weirdly only some are effected the others open much like a rich text note (which is what i would prefer and i’ve now set the format prefs accordingly)

Devonthink has put the non-opening notes in a formattednote folder and shows the kind as “formattednote”. The notes that actually open are described as kind “Formatted Note” and are kept in an html folder in the database

What’s the difference? Is this an error that’s peculiar to my set up or are there magic properties for formatted notes that i don’t understand? Either way…how do i get my notes looking like rich text again?

You could try to convert them to rich text, see menu Data > Convert.

That’s not an error, formatted notes are actually based on HTML and are therefore supported by any platform & browser.

thanks for the response but it still doesn’t explain my two sorts of formatted note. One of them is still not usable.

While the data/convert works for the extension .html Formatted Note ones, it won’t work for the extension .formattednote problem files - these ones have the data/convert options greyed out and the info doesn’t display in the devonthink browser (only shows a blank page icon). These problem files will only open in text edit with code around them. They won’t open in an external browser either. I can still extract the information (and lucky many of them are just a to do lists and reminders so quite short) but now i’m curious as to what’s gone wrong with them. Perhaps they’re missing some sort of header? They look like this:

{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss\fcharset0 ArialMT;}
{\author me}}\pard\tx560\tx1120\tx1680\tx2240\tx2800\tx3360\tx3920\tx4480\tx5040\tx5600\tx6160\tx6720\pardirnatural

\f0\fs24 \cf2 this super important to do list i’m trying to open!

This looks like an rtfd file, (rtf file with pictures) looking at the header. If all else fails open it with a text editor and delete the markup cruft. When you have cleaned it up, rename the file with .txt extension, and you will have a plain text file with your information intact. Until you learn to use the text editor, preferably one with grep support, this will take some time to complete, but we are only talking about a note.