Problems with handwritten notes in PDF files

I recently have a problem with handwritten annotations.
I create a PDF with DEVONThink To Go (3.3.4) on iPad and make handwritten annotations. When I open the file with DEVONThink 3.8.3 on the iMac, the handwritten annotation is gray and garbled and cannot be deleted or otherwise modified. All other annotations (highlighting, etc.) work normally.
As I said, the PDF is created with DTTG and not an import from another application. However, the error also occurs with imports from other apps that previously provided compatible and working PDFs.
The problem has only existed for some time and never occurred before.
Screenshot: Storage Share
Can you help me?
(MacOs 12.3.1)

Perhaps it is a problem with this OS version?
On MacOS 10.15.7 / DT 3.8.3 it looks like that:

This has already been reported here and will be addressed in the next maintenance release.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thanks for the quick reply.