Problems with lists editing rich text documents

Once there is a bullet points list in the text, I can hardly create a second one because most of the text is marked as a list as well when I try to do it.
When I do a cut and paste it is also a problem. I am cutting a text before the list and I am pasting it after a paragraph that is located after the list. When I paste it, all the text, including paragraphs and titles are converted to a list.
Am I doing something wrong? or it is a bug?

Whether text is bulleted or not depends on the list style applied to the paragraph. Display the Ruler (Format > Ruler > Show Ruler) and select from the “Lists” dropdown to chose the style of list, or “none”. Press ctrl-cmd-N to turn off list formatting for a paragraph.

You might want to read the help file for the TextEdit application for more detailed information about how RTF editing is done on a Mac. The information in that help writeup also applies to DT.

Press return twice. See this video

Also note that if you have information in a list and you don’t want it to be, you can select it and set the list style to “none” to remove the list decorations

Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible for me to post a screencast in this forum? I would like to show you what it is happening, cause it is strange.
I know how to create and remove a list, the problem is that the system does it alone and out of control.
To make the system behave correctly, I need to make the document plain text and then rich text again. Only after I do this, I can control the lists without problems for a while, until it gets crazy again.

You can upload it somewhere (e.g. YouTube, Dropbox) and add a link in your post (like with the YouTube video in padillac’s reply).