Problems with Making Links

I am new to DT and to this forum. Sorry for my stupid question (and also for my poor English). I fail at the attempt to create a simpel link from one document to another one; that is, I can make it by means of Format Menu/Make Link but the clickable text provides just a Safari window with devonwiki/.

What have I done wrong? Or, in other words:

  1. What’s a Wiki-style link and how to get it under control?
  2. What’s to do to link two documemts without any Wiki-style functionality?

I read the DT Help (Reference Guide) but couldn’t find an adequate answer.

Thanks in advance für any advice!


Peter, if you wish to link selected text to another document in your database, just Control-click (right click) on it and choose the contextual menu option, Link to. Then navigate to the document that’s to be the target of the link.

Example: in a rich text document, you’ve selected the text string, Harry. Control-click on the selection and use Link To to establish a hyperlink to a document about Harry, titled “Harry’s Life and Times”. You have created a “static” hyperlink.

DEVONthink also has a Wiki option. In Preferences > Editing check the WikiLinks: Automatic option. Now, if you enter the title of an existing document in your database, it will create a link to that document. Example: type Harry’s Life and Times into a rich text document. If WikiLinking is turned on, that string will become a link to the document with the same name. If, however, there’s no such document already in your database, you can type a string and invoke Make Link. A new document will be created with that name, based on the template in Preferences > Editing.

Note: Turning on WikiLinking will increase the memory requirements of your database, so take that into account if you are working with large databases. Remember that the Wiki feature can be turned on or off in Preferences > Editing.

In most views, the wikilinks often appear only after saving (command-s).It only works if you have only one document with that title.

The “make link” function is quite counter-intuitive: It changes the selected phrase into a link and assumes that the target is the phrase. If you selected an URL, it will be an outside link, otherwise, it will try to create a document with that name.

:bulb: maybe this will be less confusing in a next version ? :bulb:

You can edit the link properties using right click - edit link.

another possibility to insert a link in a text document is to open that document in another window and drag any file from your database into the document, pressing the command + option (alt) key while you release the mouse button. enter space to prevent the format from changing.

If you like external links in your text documents, you can also drag them into DT from the Safari toolbar.

When you work with links, sometimes the formatting goes kaput. you can revert it quickly by using the ruler (format-ruler-show ruler) and re-assigning the standard format.

Bill and Maak,
Thanks a lot for your patience with me.

Yes, that was the exact procedure I did. The result was/is: The link is established and I get my linked document WITH THE FIRST click. However, with the second and ever other click it opens the browser window at the mentioned devonwiki-URL.

The same thing happens with the Wiki option you described: first click is okay, the others after put out devonwiki/ in Safari.

I am (still) thinking it’s not DT’s (v. 1.3beta3 under Mac OS 10.5.2) fault but mine. But how to suppress opening devonwiki/ when clicking my link?

If you are still on 1.3 you should download the actual version (DT 1.5.2). I remember having similar issues like you when upgrading to Leopard. They were fixed with the update.

hope that helps.

Oops, I thought I were up-to-date because DT’s update function says that 1.3 would be the most recent version. Thanks for your hint. I’m going to update to 1.5 now.