Problems with PDF display

I just installed Adobe Acrobat Pro 8.0. When prompted after the installI indicated that I wanted Preview to remain my primary pdf viewer; that, however hasn’t happened. That’s mildly irritating, but what’s confounding is that now in DA I can’t open pdf files. All I see is the DA window is a large Adobde icon after the pdf file apparently loads.

I assume that other people might have this problem, but a search through prior posts didn’t come up with anything.

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The guilty party is Adobe’s plugin for viewing PDFs. It is installed each time Acrobat or Adobe Reader is installed on a Mac. Find it and throw it away. It’s not necessary for OS X 10.4.x and it causes problems with WebKit.

Look for it in your boot volume’s Library in (as I recall) Internet Plugins.

Thanks, but I think I’ll need some more help. I’ve searched for “Plugins” in the root library and only found a folder with the file “VCAdapterLib.bundle” Could this be it? I’m wary about renaming this file since it’s name fails to include pdf or adobe. I guess Adobe doesn’t want you to use Preview. Can anyone ‘divulge’ the file name of the adobe pdf reader plugin?

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Sorry I can’t give you the complete information from memory.

But search in your Library folders (Volume and User) for the word Adobe. I’m pretty sure “Adobe” is in the name of the PDF viewer plugin.

The plug-ins are usually installed in one of the following folders:

/Library/Internet Plug-ins
~/Library/Internet Plug-ins

I renamed the AdobePDFViewer plug-in. DA still only shows the Adobe icon when I try to open a pdf. In Safari, a pdf file opens with the Adobe plug-in, but I get a warning message that the pdf extensions for Safari need to be reinstalled.

Is there a setting or another plug-in somewhere else possibly?

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Did you restart DEVONagent?

It wasn’t running before the change. Should I restart the computer?

Don’t rename the plugin, but throw it in the trash or in a subfolder (let’s say “Disabled”) otherwise it may somehow still get loaded. And a logout can’t hurt when you deal with something like these plugins that may have been loaded by other programs.

Thanks. After removing the plugin file and restarting the computer everything works…