Problems with "Save PDF in Devonthink Pro"

I just upgraded to version 2 of DTP.
I am surely not the most sophisticated user. I use it mostly to gather snippets and organize them, my way.
I had been Saving PDFs with version 1 and was offered folders in my main Database and could save directly into these. Now these go into the Inbox, dragging it to the appropriate folder requires a convoluted operation because I cannot see the inbox and my Home Folder simultaneously, and then, to add insult to injury, the item is marked as unread so I have to double click it.
Much easier and better the way it was in DTP 1. :frowning:
What am I missing?

Thank you

If you go to ‘Preferences>Import>Destination’, you can set imported PDFs to go to one of three locations by default. I personally have Select group checked, but Inbox of current database my work well for you. All imported items will show as unread, but you don’t have to double-click them to mark them unread. You can just select a single file, or select a group of unread files (the Unread smart group works well for this) and right-click, Mark>As unread.

Set Preference > Import - Destination as ‘Select group’. Now save a PDF. How about that?

As for dragging things from the Global Inbox, check out Tools > Show Groups & Tags.

It works
Thank you. :smiley: