problems with shortcut recording

Whenever I try to record a shortcut in the sorter preferences pane, I get an Alert message: a dialog box that says ‘Alert’ with a Devon Nautilus atop a yellow exclamation triangle. The message doesn’t come up with the modifier keys, just the alphanumerics. No shortcut ever sticks.


The yellow triangle probably means that your shortcut is already in use.

For triggering a note in the Sorter preferences, Control-Command-X works here.

I figured that much for the first ten. But *every single possible* key combination appears to be 'in use'. Which seems unlikely.

I should add that I’ve had no problem establishing these shortcuts on my desktop, so I definitely know how to do it. This is the laptop I’m struggling with.

I solved my own problem. Typically, it was only AFTER writing about two/thirds of a lengthy explanation to Devon support staff. I use Spell Catcher, and it was interfering with the recording process. I quit Spell Catcher, recorded the shortcut, and all was good – even after I restarted Spell Catcher.