Problems with syncing the DB

I use DT Pro and have a question about the sync via iCloud (CloudKit).

I am not very „happy“ as I get sometimes the message „file xxx.manifest is missing“ (MacOS) or „iCloud key is missing“ (iOS) - not sure about the correct wording. So I have to clear the sync memory (MacOS) resp. deactivate the sync completely (iOS), then restarting the sync (incl. downloading the whole database) and all seems to be ok.

Now I wonder, if this is something „normal“?! Or how can I avoid such problems?

Does the sync vía Bonjour works better? It is ok for me to do a sync only when in the same network (at home). But I also run a VPN (OpenVPN for MacOS and iOS) and I read that Bonjour does not work in such a case.



In my experience sync via Bonjour is both fast and reliable. Bonjour will - as you point out - only work when the devices are located on the same network; to my knowledge you cannot perform Bonjour sync via VPN (but presumably your VPN is not set up to capture local traffic?).

I assume by that you mean clean the sync store? I can’t usefully help you bugfix sync via iCloudKit, as I don’t use it. There is a section in the handbook on missing manifest files, and numerous entries here in the forum. In your case, use of a VPN is likely to be a complicating factor, assuming iCloud sync is operating via the VPN.


@Blanc : thank you for the answer.
I had a look at Bonjour now, after reading the section about sync via Bonjour manual/workbook. But I switched back to CloudKit because nothing got synced.

Well, in case I get such error messages again then I know what I have to do.