problems with upgrade to pro beta

since I’ve upgraded: I was advised not to run both DT and DTPro, so I dumped DT after downloading DTpro (ever the optimist)

since then: I can’t find keyboard shortcuts for services/devonthink/take rich or plain note. These were formerly “command-parenthesis” shortcuts. Since at this point this is primarily what I use DT for, as a searchable database of web pages, this is a big hassle.

I can’t get the “highlight” command to work. The icon in the toolbar doesn’t function, and there is no menu command I can find to highlight copied text. This is a deal-breaker. At this point I attempted to reload DT regular, but discovered I had apparently trashed the whole program. Suggestions?

Also, how do I add Firefox browser to the “services” menu? currently Safari is the only browser either program will support.

You need to logout/login or restart to reinitialize the Services. The keyboard shortcuts for Services are working fine on my DT Pro application. If logging in and out or a restart doesn’t work, try running preferences repair from disk utilities.

Plain text cannot be formatted, including highlighting. If you are viewing a plain text document and wish to use highlighting, just select Format > Make Rich Text and then you can apply highlighting. (Same for DT Personal and DT Pro.)

Just download DT Personal again from the DEVONtechnologies site if you wish to revert back to it.

FireFox isn’t written in Cocoa and doesn’t work well with OS X Services. Nothing you can do about that; only the FireFox developers could add Services. Personally, I use DEVONagent as my default Web browser, and do all my Web captures from either DEVONagent or DT Pro’s browser, as both give me the quickest possible captures using contextual menu options, with the options of HTML page, Web Archive or rich text note. Although neither DA or DT Pro can add bookmarks from their browsers, they can import your bookmarks from Safari, OmniWeb, Firefox and Camino. In DT Pro, you can create ‘bookmark’ files by either copying a URL from another browser and adding it to DT Pro with the Cmd-N shortcut in DT Pro, or you can drag the selected URL from the browser onto the DT Pro icon in the Dock. I’ve created a Bookmarks group in DT Pro that holds all the URLs of commonly visited sites.