Problems with Web Archive script using Fire Fox 3.0

Since upgrading to Fire fox 3, I have noticed that anytime I import a web page using the Web Archive script, the pages no longer receive a sensible name… they used to get the name associated with the page title… but now they get one or two symbols like .@ or ;.@… This is annoying.

Any suggestions?


Firefox 3.0.3 doesn’t seem to be scriptable, at least over here no URL is returned and therefore you have to use the bookmarklets instead.

You mean the ‘add link’ script has to be used instead of ‘add web archive’’? …problem with that is… you cant view links off line.

I recently fired up Safari and noticed that the functionality is far richer with DT… however, in many ways FF (IMHO) is the better browser… would be great to see equivalent support for this widely used browser.


While Firefox has some good features, the developers have chosen not to support OS X Services, and as Christian says, it is quite ignorant of AppleScript. We can’t do anything about that.

For those reasons, when my objective is to download information from the Web to my DT Pro Office databases, I avoid using Firefox. Most of my captures are rich text, and that cannot be done from Firefox.

It seems like someone wrote a patch which would implement services for text in Firefox.

If you want to vote on it hop over to

The patch was submitted to the Firefox trunk ( which currently is for version 3.2.

Either you use the latest nightly or wait until Firefox 3.2 is released.