Process to export files, process and reimport them into the original DEVONthink group

I am looking for a good solution to process files outside of DEVONthink and re-import them into the same DEVONthink Group, where they came from, later.

Reasons for this are (as current examples):
Changing file extensions (not possible in DEVONthink)
Conversion via Pandoc

Currently I solve it like this:
I move a file into an indexed directory. There it is recognised by Hazel, processed and moved to another indexed directory. From there I can move the files back manually to the original group.

Are there other more elegant solutions for this, where the file automatically returns to the group where it originally came from?

What kind of files do you want to process? E.g. the extension of plain text files can be changed in DEVONthink by simply renaming the file and appending the desired extension to the name.


It is good to know that plain text files can be easily renamed. Did that change recently?
I would like to rename the contacts card format vcf to vcard. Both file formats are identical. However, vcard is displayed in DTTG as a contact card, but vcf is not. It is very useful to archive the contact cards in DTTG and not have them all in the contacts app. The on the other hand exports contact cards in the format vcf.
(changed vcf and vcard - I was confused, now it is correct)

We’ll check this, both extensions should actually work.

The .vcf extension is actually known to DEVONthink To Go and recognized as source code because earlier versions of iOS didn’t know how to handle vCards. Now it obviously can because .vcard is unknown to DEVONthink To Go and so it falls back to trying Quick Look.

The next maintenance update will know about both and render them using Quick Look.