Product confusion

Quite frankly I can’t seem to grasp the product range of Devon. And the website doesn’t help. Can anyone summarize the relationship between Think, Agent, and Note?

I find the website suggesting there is significant overlap.

Well, Note is the little brother (or sister) of Think. Think can do everything Note does, and much more.

Agent doesn’t store information, like Think and Note do, but finds it.

But just try them out!

Take a look at two sections of this forum: Usage Scenarios and DT as a Writer’s Tool. Many of the entries describe other products that cover mind-mapping, note-taking, outlining, organizing, and drafting.

The quickest way to learn about DT is open it up and drag a series of project files into it. Change their titles, place them in folders or sub-folders, and then try running a Search on key terms.

You still have all of the original files, outside of DT. Inside, you start to see connections and relations between them that you hadn’t suspected before.


Read this article by Steven Johnson about why Dth is a great writing tool. … 00230.html

Andre Ariew