Project Template not working System Preferences are correct

Hi I receive this message: “Please select your address card in Contacts and mark it as your card (via the menu command Card > Make This My Card). Then try again to use this template.” My card is set to “My Card” I have duplicated it and reset it as “my card”. I have allowed, in System Preferences, DTPO to access my contact cards, but I still get the error. (I was going to reinstall the template, but didn’t see it in the “templates” section on the website.) I updated Devonthink Pro office today.I haven’t used it in a week or so, so I don’t know if the upgrade is the cause. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Confirmed. This template is not working in 2.7.4 (version released today). When running the script at the heart of the template in debug mode in Script Debugger, it seems to have several issues.

For DEVONtechnologies Support staff:
The error message about the contact card is incorrect. The real error is this section of the script

set theRecord to import theTemplateFiles placeholders thePlaceholders to current group
set the name of theRecord to theProjectName -- Rename to user-defined project name

The first line returns “missing value”, which thus causes the script to abend at the second line. The script throws the only error message that it knows about, which is the one about the contact card, but that’s not the real issue.

Thanks for the confirmation, Korm. Is there a fix for this script? or a work around?

There is currently no fix or workaround (outside of editing the script itself). We are looking into the issue.

One workaround is to use either version 2.7.3 or its template. And the upcoming version 2.7.5 will fix this of course.

Thanks for the update. If I could make a request? To provide a version that creates a sequentially numbered folder when it generates the project folder. This comes in handy for projects which repeat, sometimes more than once in a year.