Propagating folder labels.


From an aesthetic point of view, I would like to have subfolders have the same label as the enclosing folder. Is there any way to either propagate from top down, or to have DT do this automatically?

The only solution at the moment would be to write a script (as I doubt that all/most users would prefer the proposed behaviour).

I too would like this or at least I would like new subfolders to default to the same label as their parent.

This depends on the way one uses labels. For me, automatic propagation would not be convenient. With applescript, we can set the label of every subfolder to the label of its parent folder. So, for finite fixed depth, there is no real problem. But I don’ t know if there is a possibility to make a script that reaches every folder, without limitation on the depth.
(Peharps someone with a better experience in applescript could help us?)