Proper procedure for re-opening a synced database

Hi all,

I have recently reinstalled OSX (10.8.2) and am in the process of getting all my apps back in shape. I installed the latest version of DTPO and Beta 3 of the sync plugin, and reopened my main DTPO database. My plan is to resync both my Global Inbox as well as my DB with the one that has been synced in Drop Box. Alas, no luck.

I try to sync the DB in the Sync pref pane. It churns for a while, then says “The operation was cancelled” in the log. I get LOTS of notifications from Drop Box about Lock Files being updated, even 10 minutes after the sync failed.

I must be going about this the wrong way. How can I get back to the normal synced state for both my main DB as well as Global Inbox (which is now empty, but wasn’t before)? Thanks for any tips!