Proper removal of 'Smart Folders' and their contents?

So I have created a smart group using the ‘Last Week’ script from the scripts menu in DT, which as the manual says, dynamically fills the contents of that group with replicants of the items from my database that match the chosen smart group script…How do I go about deleting a particular smart group and all of the contained replicants without affecting the other items in my database (meaning the replicas that the replicants in this folder correlate to)?

You can safely remove a group of replicants (including a smart group), or a replicated group without affecting the other contents of your database. That’s what replicants are all about.

Replicants are not the same as aliases. In the Finder, there’s a distinction between the original file and its alias. Delete the original file and the alias becomes an orphan. In the case of two replicants (two instances of a document), either one can be deleted, yet the other remains whole.

So I would essentially just right-click the smart group and choose ‘delete’, while making sure to definitely not choose ‘delete all instances’, correct?

While we’re on the subject…how do I go about revealing the other replicant for a file if I can only see one of the two replicants…In other words, I see a file as showing up in red in the list of files for a particular folder (different from the smart group issue mentioned above), and choosing ‘Get Info’ for that file states that there is 1 replicant of that file in the database…but it doesn’t tell me where that replicant is located? How can I go about finding that corresponding replicant?

Select the document. Choose Go > Next Instance (or Previous Instance) to navigate to all instances of that document.