Properly storing documents remotely and using across multiple computers

What is the best/recommended way to store documents in a central place to be accessed by both my daily drivers (iMac and MacBook) as well as my iPhone?

I’d like to store all my documents on my Linux NAS (ideally) and access documents remotely instead of syncing things back and forth.

I’m thinking of putting everything on a WebDav mount. Is this a good idea?


Welcome @cmer

This is not advocated as indexing remote data is not a reliable method. We advocate a decentralized data model where every device has a copy of the data and sync to a commonly accessible location.

Also, DEVONthink To Go doesn’t support indexing files. It will always have local data, even if it’s metadata with contents downloadable on demand. It is not made for browsing remote assets in the way your describing.

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Thanks a lot. Is there a way to store the actual data remotely but the index locally? It seems like it would be a good “in between” solution.

The index for a database is always stored locally in each database on each device. But no, it is not advisable to try and index data that exists only “on the cloud”, even if that is a cloud of your NAS. Again, we advocate decentralization of data.