Property for preview, source,side-side view in markdown file

Just wondering if there is a get/set property or some way to know whether a markdown file is in preview, source,side-side view in AppleScript? I am guessing… not yet.

This is not a feature request but if there is one that will be great!

Thanks in advance

No. In which scenario is this actually important?

Perhaps it’s just me looking for this in scripting…

Example 1: I always use script to copy selected text and paste a quoted text with an item/query link. My default is set to preview for ease of reading. So if there’s a way to programmatically switching the view will make the process easier.
Example 2: Formatting, I need to insert symbol to bold, italic, highlight, etc the text for formatting (by script again). So I’ll need to flip between preview and source.

DT does provide a side-by-side view to resolve the above matters so it’s not a big deal at all. It’s just my personal preference to avoid side-by-side coz the texts are squeezed in a dual-pane settings.

Thanks for asking. Don’t be bother by this.