Protocol window


I am often working on different LANs and it’s kind of annoying that the protocol window always pops up. On the other hand I want it to pop up when I am working in my home lan, so I don’t want to deactivate the option for popup.
As there is everything integrated in the right sidebar / inspector I ask myself weather it is not possible to integrate that to with an additional tab. The tab could be display the status as a warning sign in a noticeable but not disturbing way.

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.

great :grinning:
If there is not enough space for the information / columns, I suggest to keep the separate window and to have only short information or an indicator in the bar to open the detailed window.

As it’s not really an inspector a toolbar item opening a popover (like Safari’s downloads) might make more sense.

This is it! Like the Sync button that displays the status in the toolbar. So there is no need to change the window, only an additional button.