Public Beta 3 . . .

While installing public beta 3 I lost power. The install was right in the middle of getting the ABBY download. With power back on I reinstalled beta 3, which runs but there does not seem to be any OCR capability there. How can I redo the ABBY download cycle?


How about Help > Install Add-ons, select only the Abbyy checkbox and click Install?

I go to Help > Install Add-ons, but there is no Abbyy checkbox?

If you are running DTPO2 pb3, when you select Help > Install Add-ons you should see a checkbox for “ABBYY FineReader OCR”.

If you don’t see that, click on DEVONthink Pro in the menu bar and select “About” – the splash screen will display the complete application name and version number. Are you still running pb2?

I was running beta 3, under the about. I have completely uninstalled and just completed a reinstall and everything seems to be working okay. Don’t know what the problem was. Thanks for the help.