Publishing online

I have a question about publishing online. With the setting ‘server’ I can publishing my documents online. A great function! But, how can I do that.

  • My website is
  • I also have login date
  • The port my providers is using is 2082
  • To upload the data, I must ofcoure enter some login data?

Doing the above I can search my information online. But is it also possible to upload as XML, so that I can browse through my documents online




Well, my questition is a bit different:
(How) Can I do it with my .Mac-Account?

Thank you for your attention!

It’s usually not possible to add the server to domains you’re not hosting. But it’s at least possible to export the contents/groups via File > Export > as Website… and to upload the exported files/folders to your website.

Aaah - yes! Understood.
Thank you.