Pull down menus ?

I wold like to have the possibility to quickly associate to each record one or several words, chosen in a custom list. How about having the possibility to create a columns (in the main window or in sheets) with a pull down menus to do that?

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All kidding aside I should think most of the members of this forum would like that kind of functionality - and we’ll probably get it in a later version: once metadata have been more fully implemented. But for the moment, you’ll have to use applescript for this kind of automation.

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Applescript? Metadata? Automation? All that seems complicated ‘:shock:’. I’ll wait for this later version. In the meantime,I’ll keep on using Butler and its custom pasteboard…‘8)’


I see your point. I’ve lately found myself fiddling with applescript for hours in order to save a few seconds here and there. Total Productivity pr0n.
I suspect Butler does the job just fine for now; I use Textpander in a similar way.

Here’s a simple trick to do what Alb wants:

[1] Create a DT/DT Pro document with such keywords. Keep it open at all times. For practical purposes, it does just about what a popup list of keywords would do for you.

[2] Copy the pertinent keyword(s) from the above document to the clipboard.

[3] Paste the clipboard into the Comment field of the Info panel of a DT/DT Pro document.

Tools > Search can then be set to search only in the Comment field, and will pull results based on contents of Comment. (I’ve been using this trick for some time).

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I’ve tried your way but found that every time I clicked in the document that held my keywords the Info box changed to show the Comments field of that doc instead of the destination, making drag and drop impossible.
In any case I prefer the keyboard for this kind of task and Textpander does the job beautifully.


BTW Christian has said he would address sorting on the comments field. Thanks for passing it on. Hope you had a good trip.

Yes, for my suggestion it has to be copy/paste, not drag & drop. But if I had suggested keeping the keywords list in a TextEdit document that’s minimized to the Dock until needed, then it would work for all you draggers & droppers.

Had a very enjoyable and productive trip. Eric lives in a truly beautiful village in the Stuttgart metropolitan area. And Budapest is a wonderful old city that I had long wanted to visit.

Hi, Bill,

Thanks for your suggestion. It works nicely for copy-pasters. I was thinking about using javascript to set one or several combo boxes in a separate window. Selecting an item in these boxes, would copy it to the clipboard, and paste it at the right place in my DT document. Do you think this might work? Is it worth spending some time trying to do that? (I’m a debutant, I must say…)




It would probably be possible to automate the procedure via scripting and/or Automator actions. It might be a bit tricky, but perhaps some kind soul reading your posts may make some suggestions.

But a future version of DT Pro will make it easier to add metadata to documents, and some form of a keywords procedure may be implemented. (No promises on details or schedule at this time.)

Thanks Bill,

I’ll wait for the future version. I was just curious.


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