Purchased 2 copies of Pro Office Bundle, but no license emai

Bought two copies of Infoworker’s Pro Office Bundle last night EST (GMT-5), but never received an email with license info? I created a ticket a couple hours ago with the Support Center (Ticket #126727), but given how late in the day it’s getting on the DT side of the pond, I figured it might be worth tossing a thread out there as well?

Would really like to get it resolved ASAP as I’m currently locked out of my DB, which was running on a beta version :slight_smile:.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

James and Susan

I have just replied to the ticket. No need to contact us multiple times, we have just reached our support capacity at the moment so things are slightly slower than usual.

Thanks Eric!

Got the resent license codes, and appreciate your help!