Purchased 3rd seat and added new user. Installed and transferred DBs successfully, but no sync of new docs

EDITED TO ADD: Is this a problem because my husband and I have different iCloud accounts but our both using CloudKit for sync? I checked his computer and DT3 is checked as an app using iCloud.

I use DT3 and DTTG on desktop & laptop; iPhone and iPad. Hoping to better organize our joint files, I purchased a 3rd seat for DT3 this morning and installed the program on his desktop, then transferred the database files as directed by Bluefrog in the thread “Moving DEVONthink 3 to a new computer - fresh install of everything”.

Database files transferred and look fine. We are both using CloudKit. I am seeing no alarm bells in the Log. But new test notes he creates are not appearing on my machines and vice versa, either in the primary inbox or in the inbox of the specific database.

I suspect this is a simple oversight on my part. I have looked at documentation, this forum, and Google but no luck. I have triple-checked sync settings, manually synced, etc. Help, please?

Yes, I’m pretty sure this is the root cause. The file same on the two accounts are different. Need to use a different method. How about Bonjour if the machines on same local network?

Thanks for your reply. My husband had been reluctant to use Bonjour for his own reasons, but we set it up today with my laptop as the server Mac and his desktop as the client Mac. I made no other changes to my desktop, iPad, and iPhone, which are still using CloudKit. Sound about right? Everything seems to be ticking over as promised in the brochures :+1:

Well done. That’s how I do it.

I’d be interested in hearing the reasons for his trepidation.

Well, I’m not sure it was especially well-founded. He has been a FileMaker developer his whole career and apparently in the past it wasn’t especially frictionless for him to use or set up-- not sure of the details- and he ended up with other solutions he preferred. But to his credit he was willing to try it again and we’re doing fine with it now.

Glad to hear it and glad all is syncing well :slight_smile: