Pushing changes to sync?

Hi, all,
I’m using DTP 3.0 on my MBP and DTTG on my iPad and they share the same database named “Pro”, containing all my PDF documents. This database is synchronized by iCloud.

I use DTTG to read the PDF files, take annotations and notes. After that I hope all my annotations will be instantly revealed on my MBP. But in fact I found DTTG is not able to recognize the changes I’ve made in the PDFs and it does not invoke the sync process. I tried to push the little cloud button on the bottom IMG_CE431E08F911-1 but nothing happened (oh I remember that after I made changes in the PDF files there’s a small dot over the little cloud button, but pushing the button still does no use). EDIT: I also tried to slide down the database menu to manually invoke the sync, but still, nothing happens.

Then I opened Settings->Locations->iCloud->iCloud and found the timestamp displayed there (4:32 PM) is AFTER I made the changes to the PDFs.

If I wasn’t wrong, the timestamp should indicate that the changes I made to the PDF files are already synchronized to the iCloud, then I should be able to download them on my MBP.

So I opened my DTP 3.0 and clicked “Synchronize all Databases”. Still, nothing happens! Nothing in the log or the activity, and my PDF files in DTP 3.0 is still the old version before I read them on DTTG.

My question is, how to make DTTG or DTP 3.0 recognize that I’ve made changes to my files, so that they can invoke the synchronization? AFAIK this is a long-last problem since DTPO 2.x, and this short-time sync is not sometimes possible, no matter I am using the iCloud or the local sync store. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help!

When you made changes to the document and sync to iCloud it might take a moment for iCloud itself picking up and transporting the changes. This is an infrastructure not controlled by us. When you then tap the cloud button in DEVONthink To Go and the changes have already arrived via iCloud, the changes will be applied.

There is also a push notification service that informs other devices automatically about outstanding data but it might also not happen in fractions of seconds but take make a bit. Again, this is Apple’s infrastructure here.

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Wow, your reply is sooo quick! Thanks for that!
So if I want to achieve this short-time sync, the only method is to use the local sync store via Bonjour, is my understanding correct?

It’s a bit annoying that after 10 minutes I still cannot receive the changes in my DTP 3.0. I re-checked my network connection is in good condition, both on MBP and my iPad.

Does it work between Macs?

Unfortunately I don’t have two Macs.
I tried to establish a local sync store and it works nicely. So maybe I should give up the iCloud sync.

So you’re now synchronizing directly? Another service worth trying would be a WebDAV server/service or the ubiquitous Dropbox.

I tried to establish a local sync store and it works nicely.

Just to clarify here:
Bonjour syncing is not “a local sync store”. A local sync store is a separate and specific thing, and not accessible by DEVONthink To Go.

Thanks for your clarifying, I didn’t even know that.

Exactly, I tried using sync directly and it works fine, but I don’t want to try another paid WebDAV service. I should be good using direct connect via Bonjour for short-time sync, and use iCloud at the same time for long-time sync.

Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: