Put name of current database at top of list window

Please consider putting the name of the current database at the top of its groups and folder windows. Something like “DEVONthink Pro - database name” and “Folder name - database name.” The extension could be left off since it’s always the same. An example from one of my databases would be “DEVONthink Pro - DTP Music” and “Studio Ideas - DTP Music.”

This example doesn’t seem to be too problematic at this time…even this Genuine Old Guy can remember which db is open. But each of my databases has several folders with the same names, such as “Reference” for material I use with every database, and “Drop Box”, where I temporarily put stuff that needs to be moved to a different db.

When DTP gains the ability to open multiple db’s :slight_smile: it will be essential to know which Drop Box is displayed. Even more distinct folder names like “Studio Ideas” and “Anglo-Saxon Literature” would benefit from having the db name displayed.

Thanks for a great product!



Thanks. Like you, I often need all the help I can get. :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be important to know which database I’m looking at!