Put new group in "Recent Destinations"

I don’t know how common this is for others, but it’s a pattern I’m seeing myself do a lot:

I’m surfing or doing research on some new topic, and add 5 or 6 new items to my “0 - To File” group, the default group for unfiled content.

These new items, being of a new topic, need a new group. So I add a group somewhere in my group tree. I then highlight the new items, and move them to the new group I created.

What would be great is if the group I just created would show up in the “Recent Destinations” contextual list that appears when I right click on one of the items and select “Move To”. That list only seems to count groups that have had something put in them recently, but I think that since I just created the new group, it too should also show up there.

Just a small suggestion, and I think it’d be easy to implement, and would at least save me a few seconds here and there :slight_smile:

Jay P.

There’s probably no need for such an enhancement as you could simply…

  1. Select the new items
  2. Choose the “Group” command (in the toolbar, contextual menu or main menu)

…instead of creating a new group, selecting the new items and moving them to the new group.