Putting Database on external drive?

My home user folder drive is running out of space. DT is 43 GIGS! of data. I would like to put the database on an different drive than my home documents folder.
Can’t see any options in Preferences. How can I do this?

Setting aside any caveats re. removable drives, simply close the database, locate it in Finder and move it from its current location to your external drive. Then open it from Finder.

If your database is in your favourites: I don’t know whether the path to the database will be updated on first opening it from a new location or whether you will need to remove it and put it back in the favourites for that to happen.

Please be sure to have a backup strategy in place which includes the contents of your external drive.

Thank you. I have a question. I see Devon Index and DevonData, the form is 45GB the latter is 1.2 GB Are both need to function properly. I.e., are they connected and I should move both to the new drive?

There are no items native to DEVONthink with these names.
Please clarify and/or include screen captures.

Just move the database (name.dtBase2)
I named my database Devonthink; the default path is /Users/DTLow/Databases/Devonthink.dtBase2

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Those are your databases, created and named by you. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to make sure I was understanding the situation.

so, you are saying they are 2 separate DBs? It has been sort of a problem coordinating my DB between my laptop and desktop, often one says… “This DB is open in another application” do you want to continue? I don’t think they are synced well.

so, you are saying they are 2 separate DBs?

A .dtBase2 file is a database.
You actually have three databases. These two you created and the ever-prsent Global Inbox is another.

What is reported in Window > Log?

seems to be working. Taking forever to spotlight index though.

Taking forever to spotlight index though.

Unsurprising with almost 47GB of data, I’d say.