Putting Databases at the top of the home page?

I’m right at the start of my DT journey and I’m really hoping it will be the last information management system I need to try. (I seem to have been through a fair number!).

Right now, I’m using it as a glorified filing cabinet - particularly with my domestic admin and accounting.
So far so good. One thing that irks me (besides the shocking omission of any scanner functionality in the iPhone app!!) is that I can’t have my databases at the top of the screen when I open the app. They’re all I really want to get to (besides maybe Search). I’m sure in the fullness of time I’ll use all the other facilities, but right now I would rather not see them - I just want to go into my databases and find things through the folder hierarchy. (Yes, I’m a dinosaur - but I do get a lot done!).

Any pointers?


You can drag the databases section to the top.

I’m sure I’m being very slow here, but… how??
I click Edit and can move things around, but I can’t get the databases to the top.

In the navigation sidebar

  • hover over the Open databases heading
  • press left mouse button
  • move mouse to where you want the Open databases section to appear
  • release left mouse button

A default navigation sidebar looks like the one in the capture, I think. When I drag the Open databases section to the top it’s moved there. Does this not work for you?


That’s what I’m missing
I need a mouse for my iPad

It’s not possible to reorganzie the order in DTTG

I don’t have a mouse connected to my iPhone.
Is this iPad only, by the way?

Ahhhhh, sorry, I missed the fact that it’s the DTTG subforum!

You can’t reorganize the sections in DTTG, see my last post.