puzzeled by version#

I’m using DevonThink 1.9a and when I click on ‘check for new version’, I get the message that my software is up to date…

puzzeles me - there is a version 1.9.2 available…

thanks for clarification

seems to be TONI (thing of no interest) :frowning:

I’m puzzeled also in the names of the versions - don’t get me wrong, I’m using devonthink almost every day - but I’m not that interested in the developement of the app’ - it works - and basta!

therefore I missed one thing or the other in the dev’ process. Well, I just don’t know if I got the ‘personal edition’ or not because there is nothing about ‘personal’ or not in the ‘about box’

I downloaded 1.9.2 in the meanwhile and it works

one more time… thanks for clarification (on the about box and the ‘check for new versions’


I read your original query and it’s not that I’m not interested, I just don’t know the answer; hopefully someone more knowledgeable about DT will chime in soon now that we’ve reactivated this thread.


No, it’s not. We’ve just been too busy with the new releases.

The about box only names it DEVONthink, the Pro Edition will show “DEVONthink Pro” on the splash screen.

We’re currently checking this. It might be a proxy problem or something with the check for updates routine we use.