Puzzle regarding Favorites

On my iPad, some of the folders in my Favorites are starred, some are not. The ones with stars can be removed from Favorites; the ones without cannot. I do not recall doing anything differently with regard to each that might account for this discrepancy. (None of the Favorites in the version of DTTG on my iPhone appear with stars.) I thought the stars might signify folders that were Favorites on my MacBook. But no: some of the unstarred Favorites on my iPad do not appear among the MacBook’s Favorites list. Can someone enlighten me?

The one with a star is a Favorite made in Files.app.
The one without is a Favorite made in DEVONthink To Go.

Huh. But I haven’t made any Favorites in Files.app! Or not directly/intentionally. I wonder if I might have somehow done so indirectly, without knowing?

That’s the only mechanism I am aware of that creates a Favorite with a star.

That must be it. Perhaps I’d forgotten doing so. But oh my god, flipping through docs in Files makes the point that you absolutely have to implement the ability to swipe straight from doc to doc, rather than having to go back to the list each time. It’s so much better!

It’s so much better!

If it scratches your itch… or itches your scratch :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue: