Q/Huge Issue: Version Control:Disk and Database


Is there some preferred mechanism for integrating changes to a file on disk which has been added to DevonTHINK?  

The file in question is an RTF file.  I modified it on disk because of the time-gap between when my evaluation period ended and my license code was entered.  Fortunately, I noticed that the version on disk is newer than the one in DevonTHINK.  What should I do?

It seems to me that version control between files on disk and those which have been added to the database is a huge issue for this software.  If this is an open issue, and I am not missing something in the software, I think an elegant solution could be an option which allows to check for differences in file modification times between the linked files and database versions, and in case of discrepancy, allows one to choose the file on disk if it is newer.

Thanks for any perspective on this.

Version 1.8 will synchronize files on disk and inside the database (which is probably what you’re looking for). And the Enterprise Edition will probably provide full version control but not the other editions.

Great!  There’s a positive response if I ever heard one.

I had the feeling someone at Devon would have put some thought into integrating version control in some version of the software.  For my personal use it will be enough to synchronize with files on disk.  The only remaining question is why I must still run an operating system.


A big issue indeed, some of us have been waiting a long time for this feature, and it’s good to know it will be implemented at last!  ;)