Qs on file formats, searching, and highlighting

  1. Can someone point me to a complete list of “Kind” values (HTML, PDF+text, Web Archive, etc.) shown in the Information box? I can’t find, e.g., “PDF+Text”, in the manual.

  2. Is RTF/RTFD the only format that allows one to select, add, delete, highlight, and apply all styles to text, and that highlights found text? Will this change for DT 2.0?

  3. Any chance of including a user preference so that Previous Highlight/Next Highlight will move to previous/next document and not just cycle within the current document?

  4. I’ve seen mention on these lists of a DA-type search within DT. Is this really in the works? If not, is there any chance of including a Boolean search with the “NOT” operator in the DT search? Likewise for a “NEAR” operator?

Thanks in advance,

“Kind” is an operating system field, not a DT field, so the list of possible values is essentially infinite: any piece of software can create its own Kind.

The values appearing in your database will, of course, be limited to the file types you actually have. You can further limit the possible values by telling DT not to import unknown file types.


There’s a list of recognized file types in the manual. “PDF+Text” is really PDF, but it’s convenient to display the distinction between image-only PDF and PDF containing text.

Yes. And that will likely be the only file type in version 2.0 that can let you do all of those things easily and inside the editing environment of DT.

You could modify text styles and do some of those other things currently in HTML and WebArchive documents by modifying source code. That would be a lot of work, but can be done inside DT.

You can externally annotate PDFs in Preview or Acrobat. There’s a possibility that PDFKit as used in version 2.0 will let annotation be done inside DT Pro, but certainly not text editing per se.

Possibly, if there were sufficient user interest. Remember that there are already searchable options for marking all document types, e.g. labels and state, and that highlighting can’t be recognized for the majority of file types. This probably would rank below a lot of other development priorities at the moment.

Yes, it’s really in the works.

Note that you can emulate a NOT search currently. Just do a search for one of the exclusive terms. Replicate the results to a new group and search for the other term – then delete those results. There are similar logical tricks one can play with multilevel searches and sorts. The query operators and syntax in version 2.0 will make most such tricks unnecessary and will be much more powerful.