Qualitative Data Analysis

How serious is DEVON thinking of adding on a QDA module to DEVONThink? I’m one of the individuals who would be very supportive of this initiative, should it go forward.

Any info will be appreciated.


Currently we’re just evaluating general interest in QDA, afterwards we’ll check how much time it’ll take to add such a feature. Anyway, if we’re really going to implement this, it’ll be only part of the Standard Edition.

I’m one of those who answered your poll about QDA, ticking the alternative “what is QDA?”.

What is QDA, and what is it good for ???


Yeah, that’s a good question. I’d like to know that, too. Maybe somebody can clarify by posting an example for practical usage.


Does this go into the right direction of QDA? if so, since it is freeware, maybe it can be of interest to the DT developers?


We’ve seen TAMS already but the approach of this program is not exactly what we want (and wouldn’t fit to DEVONthink in our opinion). Actually we’d prefer an automatic solution working with all content types. We’ll see what will be added eventually.

I would definitely be interested in QDA. I’m planning to pilot DevonThink/Agent as part of a Digital Learning Environment in our Faculty (it’ll already be superb for assisting research, gathering info etc) and QDA in some usable form would definitely extend the interest and potential for postgraduates and faculty staff.

QDA is still on our list but won’t be available in the near future, maybe DT Pro 2.0 (targeted for Q3/04) will feature this. (Note: The initial release of DT Pro will be either v1.8.2 or v1.9).