Quality of JPEG's imported

I find when I import JPEG’s, the quality of the picture is diminished compared to the original on my desktop.

Is there a way to retain the original quality once imported into DTPro?

I also notice the quality of my QuickTime movies is diminished. Are there settings I can adjust to help this?

Are you sure that the quality of an image or QT movies is diminished by importing it into DT Pro? I don’t think it is.

Try this. Drag an image or movie out of your database to the Finder, and compare it to the original.

Or simply use Open With to open the image or QT movie under an appropriate application.

I’m assuming, of course, that you haven’t used DT Pro’s Scripts > Images to edit and save the image file, as you could reduce the resolution that way. And each time a JPEG image is save there can be some loss of quality.

Otherwise, the imported image is not changed in any way just by importing it into your database.

I was opening and looking at the images and movies using DTPro’s viewer. When I used “Open With” the resolution and quality was the same as the original.

Sometimes I wonder if my brain is actually a functioning organ.

Thanks again Bill.

Yes, thankfully when one’s brain stops functioning we can always rely on Bill’s! That and his seemingless endless patience! :slight_smile: