Quality of OCR - related to DPI or not?

Dear sir or madam,

I have question about OCR from non-searchable OCR to searchable OCR.

For example - original (non-searchable) file is 300 DPI. If I set resolution of OCR file (Preferences - OCR - resolution) to 200 DPI, will be the same result of OCR quality (like numbers of recognized words) if I set resolution to 150 DPI?

My question is if the resolution of OCR file related to quality of OCR or if its only quality of new OCRed file and numbers of recognized words will be the same.


The resolution in the OCR settings has nothing to do with whether it will OCR well or not. That is determined by the resolution and quality of the original (good contrast, evenly lit, up to 300dpi maximum for the great majority of documents people would scan).

The resolution settings in Preferences > OCR have to do with the resolution of the page image in each page of the resulting PDF.